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3 Hours Missing

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9/8/04 10:28 pm - pinkdaze - Announcement

Due to school starting for both deadlikemedaisy and myself this newsletter will now be weekly, which also gives you all time to submit news.

Hopefully, this will also enable the newsletter to be richer in content.

The newsletter will now be posted every Sunday evening.

Your mods.

9/3/04 03:34 pm - deadlikemedaisy - Volume 1: Edition 4


Without A Trace comes to DVD on Tuesday, Sept. 7th for US fans

Video Clip:

Season 3 Preview [right click, save target as]

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Mood Themes:

Danny/Martin -- Nocturnality

9/2/04 06:54 pm - pinkdaze - Volume 1: Edition 3


- Without a Trace.The official site from CBS for the crime drama starring Anthony LaPaglia.

- Eric Close Fan Site: Without A Trace - contains photos, the theme song, and episode guide.

- IMDb: Without a Trace Includes a cast list.


- PopMatters: Without a Trace. A review of the TV series starring Anthony LaPaglia and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

- TV Tome: Without a Trace Features an episode list, guide, and general info on the show.

- epguides.com: Withouta Trace - includes an episode guide.

Picture of the day


- Fanfiction Archive.

Note: All submissions must be in by 4.00pm GMT to give us a chance to collate the information. Anything received after this time will be put in the next issue.

9/1/04 02:29 pm - deadlikemedaisy - Volume 1: Edition 2


-Poppy Montgomery is featured in Abercrombie & Fitch

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Fence Sitters
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Missing Persons Unit Elite Spoilers Board
Poppy Montgomery.net Forum
All Eric Close



We will be putting up a daily song download and we would appreciate any suggestions :-)

Please check user info for contributors and if you'd like to be on our staff send us a message!

Please email all your news to 3hoursmissing@Gmail.com and send us your feedback!

- pinkdaze and deadlikemedaisy

8/31/04 06:20 pm - pinkdaze - Volume 1: Edition 1


- Poppy Montgomery is featured in the September issue of Instyle Magazine.
Scans (you will have to join the board).

- Poppy is also featured in Australian magazine Black and White. We are working on getting scans of these, for now you can buy the magazine here. This site ships to the US.

- Enrique Murciano is featured in the September issue of Cosmopolitan.
Scans (you will have to join the board).


- wat_icons for Without a Trace icons.
- wat100 for Without a Trace drabbles.
- all_wat_fiction for all types of Without a Trace fanfiction.
- _murciano for Enrique fans.
- alp_obsessed for Anthony La Paglia fans.
- eric_close for Eric fans.
- eventuallyfated for Martin/Samantha shippers.
- jackandsam_lca for Jack/Sam shippers.
- perfect_poppy for Poppy Montgomery fans.
- wat_slash for Without a Trace slash. Possibly NC17.
- wat_watchers for general Without a Trace discussion.
- watboys_daily for daily pictures of the men of Without a Trace.
- without_a_trace for general Without a Trace discussion.

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- A Martin/Samantha archive.
- A Jack/Samantha archive.
- A Martin/Danny slash archive.

Please email all your news to 3hoursmissing@Gmail.com and leave us a comment on what you think of the first edition.

- pinkdaze and deadlikemedaisy

8/30/04 10:44 am - pinkdaze - Welcome

Welcome to 3hoursmissing a Without a Trace newsletter. This works similar to sd_herald and four_lobsters. If you see any news related to Without a Trace, or if you make a batch of icons send us an email to 3hoursmissing@gmail.com. We will endeavour not only to bring you news but also the latest pictures, fanfic and merchandise that is floating around the net.

The newsletter will start either today or tomorrow so we need your help! Please email us pictures, links to fanfiction, news reports, episode guides, links to fanart, icons and anything else you see.

We are also looking for affiliates, not just newsletter communities but any Without a Trace communities in general.


- pinkdaze
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